20 Best Free Script Fonts For Designers in 2024

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Script fonts are a designer’s treasure, bringing handwritten elegance or playful flair to any creative project. In this post we are sharing a roundup of 20 best free script fonts. Luckily, there are numerous free options that offer sophistication, like the formal style, or a laid-back vibe, like the informal style. Whether connected for a smooth flow or unconnected for a unique character, these fonts can transform your design, adding that extra charm without stretching your budget.

You’ll typically spot these kinds of fonts gracing invitations or headline banners for announcements or promotions. They’re not your go-to choice for everyday web text. Instead, they truly shine when used in their ideal setting, adding that extra bit of flair where it’s needed the most.

Saekana Script

Check this beautifully crafted font that’s perfect for adding a personalized touch to your work. Paid download with envato elements.

Saekana Script

Stephen & Gillion – Signature

It’s the perfect blend of elegance and style. A high quality font from envato elements membership.

Last Signature Handwritten Font

Give your designs a truly handcrafted feel with this paid font.

Billion Reach – Signature Script

This signature script is stylish and fluid, perfect for creative projects.

Handsign – Signature Font

Bring a personal touch to your designs with this paid signature font.

Anthonia Signature Font

Create elegant and sophisticated designs with this premium download.

Fressia Script Font | Free Download

Make your designs stand out with this beautifully flowing script, available for free.

Ghouline Script Font | Free Download

Add a touch of charm with this unique and free script font.

Starlight Script Font – Free Download

Illuminate your designs with this twinkling script font, available for free.

Sparkling Script Font – Free Download

Add a dash of glitter to your work with this free script font.

Farmwork Calligraphy Font – Free Download

Bring a rustic charm to your projects with this calligraphy font, yours to download for free.

Billie Signature Font – Free Download

Get this stylish and modern signature font for free to elevate your designs.

Beauty Mother Script Font – Free Download

Add a touch of classic elegance to your designs with this beautiful script font, free to download.

Boho Script Font – Free Download

Embrace a bohemian vibe with this free download, perfect for creative projects.

Prestyn – Monoline Script Font

This sleek and stylish font, perfect for minimalistic designs, is available for free download.

Hudzaifah – Free Script Font

Create a dynamic design with this free, flowing script font.

Orlando Signature – Free Script Font

This free script font is perfect for creating an elegant and professional look.

Heisenberg – Signature Script Font

A signature script font that gives your designs a polished and refined feel, free for download.

Tuesday Night – Free Signature Script

This free signature script brings a casual elegance to your design work.

Storia – Vintage Script Font

Vintage Script Font – Add a touch of nostalgia to your projects with this free vintage script font.


In conclusion, script fonts offer an array of unique aesthetics that designers can leverage for various projects. Whether it’s the elegant flow of a formal style or the laid-back feel of an informal one, they have the power to transform a design. The connectedness – be it complete, semi, or not at all – adds another layer of customization, allowing for a truly unique design. Best of all, there are plenty of free script fonts out there that prove you don’t have to break the bank for great design. Truly, script fonts are a valuable resource in any designer’s toolkit.

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