Best Strong Fonts in Canva

Choosing the proper font is critical for compelling graphic design, and Canva makes this process easier by providing a variety of strong fonts suited for generating big statements. In this article, our design professionals will show you the greatest strong fonts available in Canva.

What are strong fonts?

Strong fonts are defined by their boldness and ability to stand out. They are critical for capturing attention, expressing authority, and underlining important points.

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Here’s what usually constitutes a strong font:

Best Strong Fonts in Canva

Notable Font

Illustration showing font "Notable Font" written on a background. It's one of Top Strong Fonts in Canva.

The “Notable Font” stands out for its clarity, versatility, and strong presence, making it an excellent choice for a variety of design projects in Canva. This font embodies strength and readability, ensuring that your message is not just seen but also felt.

Acid Bold Font

This font isn’t just bold; it lets you try new things. Acid Bold is great for designs that want to stand out and scream modernity because of its sharp edges and bright colours. It’s not just a font; it says something.

Bugaki Font

Bugaki is an interesting mix of traditional boldness and a touch of modern feel that makes it stand out. Bugaki is a quiet way to show strength, perfect for brands that want to make an impact without shouting.

Balloon Extra Bold Font

Picture your words floating above everyone else, making them impossible to miss. That’s the Extra Bold Balloon for you. It looks like every letter has been pumped up with confidence, which is great for headlines that need to stand out.

Cubao Narrow Font

Cubao Narrow is a simple and effective font that combines the strength of bold fonts with the beauty of narrow lettering. It’s perfect for situations where there isn’t much room but impact is important.

Futura Black Font

Futura Black is a classic that will never go out of style. It is the perfect geometric font. This design has a touch of the 1920s to it, making it perfect for projects that need a mix of old-fashioned strength and new-fashioned ease.

Chunk Five Font

Chunk Five is like the heavyweight champion of fonts—it’s thick, strong, and hard to ignore. It works great for headlines that need to get people’s attention and show confidence.

Dolmen Font

With its stone-like shape, Dolmen is the font you choose when you want your words to last as long as monuments. It works great for games that need a bit of old-school power.

Berthold Block Font

This font has the traditional boldness that you’d expect from a block font, but it’s also clear and modern. People respect Berthold Block because he is strong, reliable, and direct. He is perfect for sending authoritative messages.

Frankfurter Normal Font

Don’t be fooled by the word “Normal” in the name of this font. Frankfurter is a lively font with friendly looks and rounded edges. It’s strong without being too much, perfect for friendly but powerful messages.

Bernoru Font

Bernoru is a font that is both fun and bold. It’s great for brands that want to sound strong without being scary, like friendly but confident ones.

Intro Rust Font

This is more than just a font; it’s an experience. With its grunge style, Intro Rust gives your designs an unpolished, raw energy that works well for content that is edgy and lively.

Seymour One Font

Seymour One is trendy, clean, and big. It’s a broad font that works well in both business and artistic settings, making strong and clear statements.

Negrita Pro Font

This font is all about being bold and clear, as its name suggests. Negrita Pro is simple and strong, making it perfect for strong branding and headlines.

Peace Sans Font

The Peace Sans font is both strong and friendly, which is not often found together. It’s the font you use when you want to say something strong but positive, or strong but calm.

Wrapping Up

Picking the right font from Canva’s library will help people not only read your message, but also feel it and remember it. These powerful fonts can make your design stand out, whether you’re making a strong headline, an eye-catching poster, or a strong brand identity. Always remember that the font you use can make a difference.

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