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15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids


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Are you looking for the perfect handwriting fonts for Teachers and Kids for your classroom projects or child-friendly activities? Teachers and parents often search for fonts that are both appealing and easy to read for children. Using the right type of font can make learning materials more engaging and help children improve their reading and writing skills. Whether you’re creating worksheets, presentations, or classroom decorations, choosing a suitable handwriting font can make a significant difference.

Handwriting fonts designed specifically for educational purposes tend to mimic the style of human handwriting, which helps kids recognize letter forms as they learn to write. These fonts are not only practical but also add a touch of personality and fun to any educational content. From playful and bold to neat and tidy, there’s a variety of styles available that can cater to different teaching needs and preferences.

Why Use Handwriting Fonts

Handwriting fonts are great for teachers to use in educational materials because they look like the writing kids see in their notebooks and on the board at school. This makes it easier for them to understand and follow along. These fonts are not just about looking good; they also make learning more interesting and fun. By using fonts that kids enjoy, teachers can keep students’ attention better and make the words stick in their minds more.

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15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Summer – Handwriting Font

Summer - The Best Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

The Summer Handwriting Font brings the joy of summer directly into your classroom materials. Its light and airy strokes are perfect for creating a welcoming and cheerful atmosphere in any educational setting. Use this font for end-of-year newsletters or to spruce up your lesson plans with a sunny vibe.

Sakéna Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Choose Sakéna for a touch of elegance in your handwritten projects. Its fluid lines are perfect for awards, invitations, or any document that calls for a bit of class. With Sakéna, your educational materials can look both professional and beautiful.

Spotlight Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Need something that stands out? Spotlight Handwriting Font is your go-to for making headlines pop. It’s bold enough to catch the eye, making it excellent for posters or project titles. This font ensures that your important points are both seen and remembered.

Samotty – Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Samotty is all about adding a fun twist to your teaching tools. Its playful characters are great for engaging younger students or adding a casual note to your communications. Ideal for worksheets or crafts, it helps make learning enjoyable for everyone.

Dahiku – Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Dahiku’s clean lines reflect a modern, professional handwriting style. This font is particularly useful for older students or in any content that demands a sleek, contemporary feel. From presentations to student handouts, Dahiku keeps things sharp and stylish.

Talake – Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Talake brings a laid-back charm to educational materials, perfect for creating a relaxed learning environment. Its casual style fits right in with creative projects or informal communications. Encourage a friendly atmosphere in your classroom with this approachable font.

Arthemis – Natural Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Arthemis gives your projects an authentic, handcrafted feel. It’s ideal for topics related to nature or any subject where you want to add a personal touch. Whether it’s for a science project or a personal diary entry, Arthemis enhances your materials with its organic appeal.

Free Yarin Handwriting Font Family

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

With the Free Yarin Handwriting Font Family, affordability meets variety. This font family is great for schools that need quality typography without the expense. Whether it’s daily instructions or special announcements, Yarin offers flexibility and style at no cost.

Free BlackTop Handwriting Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

BlackTop Handwriting Font adds a rugged and edgy look to any material. Perfect for projects that need a bit of grit, this free font transforms ordinary text into striking statements. Ideal for thematic educational projects or creative arts, BlackTop makes a bold impression.

Rooters Handwritten Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Rooters offers a soft and friendly appearance that’s easy on the eyes. Its gentle curves make it perfect for primary school worksheets or any material aimed at young learners. Use Rooters to create a comforting and approachable environment in your classroom.

Rock Bottom Handwritten Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Rock Bottom has a sturdy, grounded style that conveys strength and reliability. This font is excellent for emphasis and works well in titles or key points in your educational materials. It’s particularly effective in subjects like geology or history, adding a solid presence to your text.

Istanbul Arena Handwritten Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Istanbul Arena is as versatile as the city it’s named after. This font blends traditional and modern styles, making it suitable for a wide range of subjects. From history to literature, it provides a clear and engaging handwriting style that enhances learning materials.

Juwitha Handwritten Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Juwitha brings a whimsical flair to handwritten fonts. Its playful loops and twists are great for engaging students and adding a bit of joy to any document. Whether it’s party invitations or creative writing assignments, Juwitha makes writing fun.

Summer Strike Handwritten Font

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Summer Strike is vibrant and energetic, designed to capture the excitement of summer. Use this font for seasonal activities or to brighten up everyday classroom materials. Its lively style is sure to motivate and inspire students.

Gloriance Handwritten Font – Free Download

15 Handwriting Fonts for Teachers and Kids

Gloriance combines elegance with accessibility, offering a sophisticated handwritten style at no cost. Perfect for formal and informal uses alike, this font can elevate your educational resources, from award certificates to personal notes, all without stretching your budget.

Choosing Handwriting Fonts

When selecting a handwriting font for educational use, consider the age and skill level of the children who will be reading the material. Younger children benefit from fonts with simple, clear letters that mimic basic handwriting. For older kids, you can choose fonts that have a bit more style, as long as they remain readable. It’s important to make sure the fonts are easy to read and don’t have too many fancy twists or turns that could confuse beginners.

Here are a few tips for choosing the best handwriting font:

  • Legibility: The font should be easy to read at various sizes, especially on printed materials.
  • Appropriateness: Choose a style that matches the age group and subject matter. Fun and bubbly fonts might be great for kindergarten, while cleaner, more structured styles suit older students.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the font works well on all the devices and software you plan to use it on, like computers, tablets, or smartboards.


Where can I find handwriting fonts for educational use?

Many websites offer free and paid fonts. Some popular sites for educational fonts include Creativetacos, DaFont, Google Fonts, and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Can handwriting fonts be used for digital education tools?

Yes, handwriting fonts are great for digital materials like PowerPoint presentations and interactive learning apps. They can make digital content feel more personal and engaging.

Are there handwriting fonts that come with educational licenses?

Yes, some font designers offer special licensing for educational use. Always check the license before using a font to make sure it fits your needs.

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