600+ New Water Brushes for Procreate – Free & Paid

600+ Water Brushes for Procreate (1)

Imagine you have just purchased Procreate app for your iPad, and you are looking for ways to enhance your digital artworks. You come across a bundle of water brushes for Procreate on the internet, and you wonder how many of them are included. To your amazement, you find out that the roundup includes more than 600+ unique water brushes that can help you create stunning watercolor effects on your artwork.

Watercolor painting is a popular art form that has been around for centuries. With the advancements in technology and digital art tools, it has now become possible to create realistic watercolor effects on a digital canvas. One of the most popular digital drawing apps, Procreate, offers a diverse range of features and tools to help artists create stunning digital artworks. The Procreate app also allows users to import custom brushes, including water brushes.

The bundle of 600+ water brushes for Procreate offers a wide range of brushes that can be used to create different watercolor effects. Some of the popular brushes covered in the article are:

40 Procreate Water Brushes

18 Water Textures and Effects Procreate Brush Set

Explore 18 Water Textures and Effects Procreate Brush Set for stunning art. Enjoy brushes like water texture procreate brush. Boost your digital creations with these versatile textures and effects.

38 Water Splash Procreate Stamp

60 Under The Sea Brushes for Procreate

Check out 60 Under The Sea Brushes for Procreate, great for marine-themed artwork. Immerse yourself in creativity with these brushes, featuring ocean brush procreate free. Unlock your imagination with this amazing Procreate brush collection.

69 Water Brush Set for Procreate

16 Water Brushes for Procreate

Experience 16 Water Brushes for Procreate, perfect for enhancing your art. Get creative with brushes like water stream brush procreate. Elevate your digital paintings with this versatile brush set.

38 Water Splash Brushes

30 Water Brushpack for Procreate

50 Water texture brushes procreate

70 Bubble Brushes & Stamps Procreate Set

70 Water Splashes Procreate Stamp brush Set

15 Water Drops Brush Procreate

26 Procreate Water Brushes

10 Water and Bubbles Water brushes set for procreate

52 Blubber Brushes


To sum up, the collection of over 600 water brushes for Procreate is a must-have tool for digital artists who want to improve their art with realistic watercolor touches. This wide range of brushes, washes, and splashes helps artists easily express their ideas in a unique way. Don’t pass up the chance to boost your digital artwork and make an impression in the digital painting realm with these outstanding Procreate water brushes.

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