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60 Best Handwriting Fonts For 2024


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Handwriting fonts are a great way to make your design projects feel more personal and special. Whether you want something that looks elegant or something that feels more relaxed, the right handwriting font can help you achieve that look.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best handmade fonts you can find. A lot of these fonts are free for personal and commercial use, and some you can even use for your business projects. But it’s important to remember to always check the license for using each font. That way, you make sure you’re allowed to use it the way you want.

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Why Choose Handwriting Fonts?

Handwriting fonts bring a unique flair to your designs, making them feel more authentic and personalized. Whether you’re aiming for a sophisticated aura or a playful vibe, handmade fonts offer a wide range of moods and styles. Plus, they’re not just for text; you can use them for logos, headers, and even in your digital art projects.

For the complete list of amazing handwriting fonts, scroll on!

Best Handwriting Fonts

When it comes to making your designs stand out, choosing the right font is crucial. If you’re a Canva user, you’re in luck. This section features top handwriting or handmade fonts that are not only high-quality but also fully compatible as Canva handwriting fonts. Whether you’re creating social media graphics, invitations, or presentations, these fonts will add a personalized touch to your Canva designs.

Deepo – Handwriting Font

Deepo is a handwriting font that brings a casual and relaxed feel to your projects. It’s a good choice for informal settings like personal blogs, casual business branding, or even for crafting.

Deepo - Handwriting Font

DUDLEY – Classy handwriting font

DUDLEY is classy and elegant. It’s perfect for formal invitations.

DUDLEY - Classy handwriting font

Tiny Rabbit Handwriting Font

Tiny Rabbit is cute and whimsical. It’s great for children’s books or websites.

60 Best Handwriting Fonts For 2024

Frozenflare Handwriting Font

Frozenflare is modern and cool. It’s good for tech blogs or websites.

Frozenflare Handwriting Font

Neokid Handwriting Font

Neokid is youthful and fun. It’s perfect for school projects or kids’ websites.

Neokid Handwriting Font

Migawe | Display Handwriting Font

Migawe is flashy and stands out. It’s good for displays or billboards.

Migawe | Display Handwriting Font

Simplemind Handwriting Font

Simplemind is clean and easy to read. It’s good for long articles or essays.

Simplemind Handwriting Font

Bekapro Handwriting Font

Bekapro is professional and sleek. It’s good for business documents or websites.

Bekapro Handwriting Font

Seaside Handwriting Font

Seaside is relaxed and casual. It’s perfect for vacation blogs or websites.

Seaside Handwriting Font

Market Written – Handwriting Font

This is a stylish font that looks like real handwriting. It’s great for making cards or invitations.

Market Written - Handwriting Font

Movelite – Bold Handwriting Font

Movelite is bold and easy to see. It’s good for big titles or headlines.

Movelite - Bold Handwriting Font

Airiest – Simple Handwriting Font

Airiest is clean and easy to read. It’s good for longer texts like articles or essays.

Airiest - Simple Handwriting Font

Kayleigh – Handwriting Font

Kayleigh has a soft and feminine look. It’s good for personal blogs or scrapbooks.

Kayleigh - Handwriting Font

Hakuno – Chic Handwriting Font

Hakuno has a modern and chic style. It’s good for fashion blogs or trendy websites.

Hakuno - Chic Handwriting Font

Honey Lemonade – Handwriting Font

Honey Lemonade is fresh and light. It’s perfect for spring or summer projects.

Honey Lemonade - Handwriting Font

Best Free Handwriting Fonts

If you’re on a budget but still want quality, this section is for you. Here, we’ve gathered a collection of best free & fun handwriting fonts that don’t skimp on style or functionality. These fonts are perfect for both personal and commercial projects, offering you a cost-effective way to make your work look fantastic.

Blackpink Handwriting Font (Free)

Blackpink modern calligraphy font is not just another font; it’s a blend of modern style with simplicity and elegance. Handcrafted to perfection, this font is designed to make all your future projects stand out.

Blackpink Handwriting Font

Christopher’s Handwriting Font (Free)

Christopher’s is personal and intimate. It’s good for letters or personal blogs.

Christopher’s Handwriting Font

Sugar Plum Handwriting Font (Free)

Sugar Plum is sweet and feminine. It’s perfect for beauty blogs or websites.

Sugar Plum Handwriting Font

Sweet Love Handwriting Font (Free)

Sweet Love Handwriting Font is a free font that offers a romantic and personal touch, perfect for heartfelt projects. Designed in a handwriting style, this font is a go-to for anyone looking to infuse a sense of love and warmth into their work. Ideal for wedding invitations, love letters, or any project where you want to convey emotion, this handwriting style font is both beautiful and budget-friendly.

Sweet Love Handwriting Font

Habel Handwriting Font (Free)

Habel is a strong and bold font that’s ideal for headlines or titles. Created by Creativetacos, this font is not an official Canva font, but it’s fully compatible with the Canva platform. This makes it a versatile choice for anyone looking to add a touch of strength and emphasis to their Canva designs.

Habel Handwriting Font

Underbridge Wet Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Underbridge Wet Handwriting Font

Nightwork Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Nightwork Handwriting Font

Basfar Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Basfar Handwriting Font

Alzada Street Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Alzada Street Handwriting Font

Cortni Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Cortni Handwriting Font

Art Typo Handwriting Font (Free)

Art Typo is a free font with an artistic flair. It’s good for creative projects like posters.

Art Typo Handwriting Font

Creativeinsp Handwriting Font (Free)

This font is free and has a creative design. It’s good for graphic design projects.

Creativeinsp Handwriting Font

Calligraphy Handwriting Font (Free)

Easter Chalk is playful and free. It’s perfect for holiday-themed projects.

Calligraphy Handwriting Font – Free Download

Aesthetic Sage Handwriting Font (Free)

Aesthetic Sage is a free handwriting font that offers a modern and clean look. It’s versatile enough to fit into a variety of projects, from website design to printed materials.

Aesthetic Sage Handwriting Font – Free Download

Somelove Handwriting Font (Free)

Somelove is warm and inviting. It’s good for family blogs or websites.

Somelove Handwriting Font

Kirana Handwriting Font (Free)

Kirana Handwriting Font

Verasa Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Verasa Handwriting Font

Abasalom Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Abasalom Handwriting Font

Soulmarker – Handwriting Font (Free)

Soulmarker is a free handwriting font that offers a casual and laid-back style, making it a great choice for informal projects. What sets it apart is its compatibility with various platforms, including Microsoft Word. If you’re looking for Word handwriting fonts that are both stylish and budget-friendly, Soulmarker is an excellent option.

Soulmarker – Free Handwriting Font

Mini Story Handwriting Font (Free)

60 Best Handwriting Fonts For 2024

Tomodachy Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Tomodachy Handwriting Font

Blayer Charles Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Blayer Charles Handwriting Font

StarTrack Handwriting Font (Free)

Free StarTrack Handwriting Font

Smart Cherie Duo Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Smart Cherie Duo Handwriting Font

Easter Chalk Handwriting Font (Free)

Easter Chalk is playful and free. It’s perfect for holiday-themed projects.

Easter Chalk Handwriting Font

Ballystic Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Ballystic Handwriting Font

Yarin Handwriting Font Family (Free)

Free Yarin Handwriting Font Family

Barokah Handwriting Font Family (Free)

Free Barokah Handwriting Font Family

BlackTop Handwriting Font (Free)

Free BlackTop Handwriting Font

Weem Handwriting Font (Free)

Free Weem Handwriting Font

Unique Handwriting Style Fonts

In this section, we dive into fonts that break the mold. These unique handwriting fonts offer something a little different, whether it’s an unusual twist on letter shapes, unexpected curves, or a distinct mood they bring to your text. Perfect for when you want your project to stand out from the crowd.

Blewah – A Handwriting Font

Blewah is a casual handwriting font that’s great for everyday use. It’s perfect for personal blogs, scrapbooking, and even casual business branding.

Blewah - A Handwriting Font

Sultony | Marker Handwriting Font

Sultony brings the look of marker writing to your projects. It’s bold and stands out, making it great for headlines and signs.

Sultony | Marker Handwriting Font

Hidalgo – Friendly Handwriting Font

Hidalgo has a friendly and welcoming style. It’s a good fit for community events, family gatherings, or any setting where you want a warm feel.

Hidalgo - Friendly Handwriting Font

Summer – Handwriting Font

Summer captures the relaxed vibe of the season. It’s ideal for vacation photos, summer sale ads, or anything that needs a laid-back touch.

Summer - Handwriting Font

Workbench – The Handwriting Editorial Font

Workbench is designed for editorial use. It’s clean and readable, making it suitable for magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

Workbench - The Handwriting Editorial Font

Nightjump Handwriting Font

Nightjump has a playful and energetic style. It’s great for children’s events, fun advertisements, or any project that needs a youthful touch.

Nightjump Handwriting Font

Solitude Handwriting Font

Solitude brings a sense of calm and simplicity. It’s good for meditation blogs, wellness brands, or any project that aims for a peaceful feel.

Solitude Handwriting Font

Smiley Kitten Handwriting Font

Smiley Kitten is cute and cheerful, perfect for children’s books, party invitations, or anything that needs a touch of whimsy.

Smiley Kitten Handwriting Font

Satire Brush – Handwrite Font

Satire Brush has a rustic, hand-painted look. It’s great for artisanal brands, craft fairs, or any project that wants a handmade feel.

Satire Brush - Handwrite Font

Brownis – Stylish Handwriting Font

Brownis is sleek and stylish, making it a good choice for fashion brands, luxury items, or modern business branding.

Brownis - Stylish Handwriting Font

Steven Anderson – Handwriting Font

Steven Anderson is versatile and modern. It’s suitable for a wide range of projects, from corporate to creative.

Steven Anderson - Handwriting Font

Fander – The Handwriting Font

Fander has a classic handwriting style that’s easy to read. It’s good for formal invitations, thank-you notes, and other elegant settings.

Fander - The Handwriting Font

Giugliamore Handwriting Font

This is a modern signature-style font that you can use in many different ways. It’s great for social media posts, branding your business, and even for special events like weddings.

Giugliamore Handwriting Font

Quisas – Quirky Handwriting Font

Quisas is a quirky handwriting font that brings a unique and playful vibe to any project. Its distinct style makes it a standout choice for creative endeavors, from artsy social media posts to unconventional marketing materials. If you’re looking to break away from the norm and add a touch of whimsy to your work, Quisas is the font for you.

Quisas - Quirky Handwriting Fonts

Creamy Sunset Handwriting Font

Creamy Sunset is an ideal choice for a range of projects, from product packaging and branding to social media and magazines. Its warm and inviting style also makes it a go-to font for wedding-related materials.

Creamy Sunset Handwriting Font

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which font is best for good handwriting?

The best font for good handwriting really depends on the project you’re working on. However, for a clean and readable style, you might consider fonts like “Airiest” or “Simplemind.”

What word font styles are handwriting?

In Microsoft Word, you’ll find handwriting fonts like “Comic Sans MS,” “Bradley Hand,” and “Segoe Script” among others. These fonts mimic the look of handwriting. You can also use our fonts and use them in microsoft.

What are handwritten fonts?

Handwritten fonts are typefaces designed to mimic the style and flow of handwriting. They can range from casual and playful, like “Tiny Rabbit,” to more formal and elegant, like “DUDLEY.”


We’ve covered a lot of ground, showcasing a variety of handwriting fonts for different needs and budgets. Whether you’re a designer, a blogger, or just someone looking to spruce up a project, there’s a font here for you.

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